There is something really true..there's nothing like SALEMA's BLUE



SALEMA BLUE Music & Art Festival is a 100 % heart leaded project by BBN Blue Blues Note Studio Salema filled with love and inspiration to bring more joy and kindness to the world through music and art and  to ensure Music & Art remains alive those days.

The aim is to "keep the spirit of these events alive", not only among the elderly but also among the new generations. This kind of Festas can be a key element for the transmission of other cultural messages, particularly on such a touristial place as Salema.


Our Vision is to be ,,the” festival of choice for artists and patrons delivering a unique festival experience through a ‘one of a kind ‘ event that resonates with all participants. We seek to elevate music, art and culture in or small Salema in the end of South West Europe. Through the festival experience we aim to heighten consciousness & joy and create and generate a more sutainable environment for future generations.

We proudly present Salema’s premier contemporary and first Music & Art Festival at Salema Bay as a safe, fun and family friendly festival event.

You might have heard of some of our featured artists like Ana Popovic, David Dixon, Damien Pisano, DJ Toby and more..


The festival is held over 4 days on a private provided ground just in front of the sea each year each week before long Easter weekend with a significant cultural and economic impact on Salema Bay at the end of the Algarve between Lagos and Sagres. Local communities derive direct positive benefits from participation in the event like local restaurants, accommodations, activity and transport operators. 

Flow - on impacts from SALEMA BLUE Music & Art Festival across Salema Bay are substantial for the local business infrastructure.

As yearly event we are keeping a fluid plan around government regulations to enable this. In the cooperation with the local government to ensure a quality event and safety for patrons, artists and staff all the time.

Salema Bay is commented and well known all over the world as a safe and family friendly location for perfect short break to coast a little seaside.

Salema is listed as one of the most 50 beautiful beaches in the world and held the ,, BLUE FLAG “