There is something really true..there's nothing like SALEMA's BLUE


Please find facility information here

SALEMA BLUE Music & Art Festival is located at a private provided ground just in-front of the sea.

There is a green field and walking ways which give the possibility to welcome patrons with a disability. Please be aware that in case of rain the green field can be tricky to handle situations with people who use a wheelchair or mobility aids. We would suggest to bring wheelchair with bigger wheels or to contact us as we are happy to assist people with disabilities in planning for a enjoyable and safe experience. Please do not hesitate to contact us:


Fixed sitting in general is provided in front of the food tents and on the green field for those which cannot stand over a longer period of time.


- flicker, laser, strobe and other lightning are may used during the festival

- first aid is located closed to the food tents and provides medics equipped to

provide first aid and minor injury care during festival hours.


Accessible toilets are provided at the festival.


We strive to keep these areas clean and do the best of our ability.