Because there's something really true...

There's nothing like


There is something simple true....there's nothing like Salema's Blue


Our little Salema is a small seaside town with along history as a fishing village. Hillsides surrounding our little town which is dotted with holiday homes and accommodations and the still traditional fishing village in the heart of Salema. Central to the beach is the boat launch, where zou still often see fisherman tending their boats or their nets. Along the small Center zou will find cafe's, bars and cost restaurants.


Praia da Salema ~ Salema

Salema and Praia da Salema are usually referred to as the same place, either because our village is so small or because it’s clearly focussed on the beach. The beach is about 1km long with fine golden sand, which does get repeatedly the BLUE FLAG CERTIFICATION year after year. This means that our beach meets exceptional standards for water quality, beach access, and family  safety. The small bay means that the waters are relatively sheltered, as the the waves are small, the surfers prefer mostly and depending from the time of the year elsewhere at the west coast. Our gently sloping and clean beach is great for families and young as elder swimmers. Even at high tide our beach does have a big strip of sand for you to relax on. The main thing to consider is the sea water itself, which can be unexpectedly cold for people which are not used to coast at the Atlantic seaside. As a popular and family focussed beach for young and old we offer all the usually beach facilities and activities up to dolphin watching, stand up paddling, kayaking and diving same way as surf courses and yoga lesson as hiking tours and many others. The beach is life guarded during the summer season and we have have an array of sun lounger and parasol rental services for still reasonable prices. There are toilet and shower facilities and an array of cosy restaurants with beach view for refreshment.




At either end of our beach are the typical gold orange limestone cliff’s as typical at the Algarve, some of the oldest section actually date to the Lower Cretaceous period, so they are about 150 million sears old !!!

It is among these layers of limestone rocks that fossil hunters can be rewarded with the remains and fossils of marine life and even those dinosaur footprints. Those are on the western of the beach more visible. at low tide you might have to scramble up on some rocks or you can reach them from above by a nicely maintained set of stairs at the cliff top.You will find a large shelf like a platform among the rocks with several different dinosaur footprints. These footprints where discovered by archaeologists and geologists from the University of Lisbon at 2001…all through we locals did knew obvious about… the clearest set of dinosaur footprint are located at the shelf a few steps west from the staircase. They are easy to spot and form a line of several meters long. It’s believed by the size and shape of the footprints that they belong to a herbivorous called an Ornithopod. The name Ornithopod comes from the Greek for ,,bird foot” and from Tehran footprints zou will find you can see the characteristically outline of a three - rounded - toed dinosaur. Around the coastline you will find aplenty more.